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FREE ZONES are a big appeal to foreign investors. The purpose behind the existence of FREE ZONES is the same; to entice the big and small both business entities from various industries to invest inside the UAE…


Business Setup In Mainland We at Ampsy make it possible to help you in Company formation in Mainland with Department of Economic Development (DED). Our company provides comprehensive support…


The offshore company can be operated from anywhere in the world except in UAE but UAE Offshore Company is enabled to work offshore only. UAE is the hub of businesses that run under the supervision of foreign investors….

Most popular packages

Get your company registration with us and get visa with private and corporate bank account

AED 5,499

Freezone Company setup

✅ 100% ownership

✅ 0% income & corporate tax

✅ 5 business activities

✅ Free business address

✅ Free business consultation

✅ No hidden charges

AED 10,999

Start your Business in Dubai

✅ Dubai Mainland License 

✅ Local Service Agent

✅ Eligible for 2 year Investor Visa

✅ Company Stamp

✅ Free business consultation

✅ No hidden charges

AED 14,500

Mainland License + 1 Visa

✅ Business License

✅ Memorandum

✅ Investor Visa

✅ Bank Account Assistance

✅ Free business consultation

✅ No hidden charges

Leading Company Formation Consultants in Dubai

Ampsy is an expert in business setup, legal consulting, and company formation. We help business owners throughout the world complete their visionary ideas. We give them a perfect business structure in Dubai and help them turn their ideas into reality. As a known business setup advisor in the UAE, we take care of the costs involved with company formation, from incorporation to office space. On company establishment, we guarantee expert guidance. Additionally, we provide affordable packages that are customized! 

Ampsy Business Setup Services LLC is a well known business setup consultancy based in the UAE. Ampsy has been providing valuable business services in Dubai at the UAE business center for 2 years. We provide all  necessary services regarding company formation and operations in Dubai, UAE. Our business services in the UAE include finding sponsors, business licensing services, business development, PRO services and more. Working closely with government departments and free zones, our team of business professionals assist investors and entrepreneurs in the UAE with their company formation needs and other business services. According to the UAE Companies Law, foreign investors wishing to set up a limited liability company  in the UAE must work with the UAE national sponsor or a local sponsor. Using this support is a must, and finding a reliable sponsor can be a daunting task for a first-time business owner. We are well aware of this  and provide  support and advice to help you find the best local sponsor for your LLC business. We guide our clients through business services in Dubai and UAE, including company formation, license registration, registration  and registration, using our deep business expertise to help them make quick decisions  and solve their most important business issues.   If you are planning to expand your company in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE, contact Ampsy to take advantage of the best business services in the UAE, which offers a wide range of support transports important to the well-functioning and maintenance of your company.

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Business Setup Consultant in Dubai. We can help you set up in a Freezone, Mainland or Offshore.

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Ampsy specializes in business organization, legal advice and company registration. We help business owners around the world realize their visions. We offer  good business models in Dubai to help them realize their ideas. As a renowned expert in the field of entrepreneurship in the UAE, we will take care of the necessary expenses for start-up from company registration to start-up. As a company, we guarantee professional guidance. For start-ups, medium-sized businesses, and large commercial concerns, Ampsy provides a wide range of business setup services in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. Our Business setup services are well-known for excellent blend of trust and quality. And this is not just a marketing trick; it’s actually our tried-and-true growth strategy. Ampsy Consultancy offer business setup services related to Mainland, Free zone and Offshore business set up right from the very basics to Licensing, License renewal and a lot more.. The biggest reward, in our opinion, is our clients’ success and growth. We extend a helping hand to our valued clients and offer quick recommendations and assistance. Finding a UAE national sponsor is one of our prestigious services. Other services that we offer are Business Licenses, Visa services, Bank account opening, PRO Services, Company liquidation and many more. And We Work Closely with Government Agencies

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Business Setup in Dubai

For startups, midsize businesses and large businesses, Ampsy has a variety of business setups in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. Our business setup services are known for a combination of reliability and quality. It’s not just a job; It is our tried and tested development strategy. Ampsy Consulting provides business setup services related to real estate, free trade zones and offshore businesses, from the  basics to licensing, licensing and more.In our opinion, the best return is the success and growth of our customers. We continue to serve our valued customers and provide prompt advice and assistance. Finding  UAE National Sponsors is one of our prestigious services. Other services  we provide include business licenses, visa services, bank account opening, PRO services, business transactions and  more.  We work closely with government agencies