How to Start an Advertising Agency in Dubai

Start Your Advertising Agency in Dubai,

Dubai has a population of 3.33 million with an average per capita income of $78,255, which is the seventh-highest in the world. More than 200 nationalities call Dubai their home – this vibrant diversity only means a huge market with varying tastes to cater to. So you can see why there is a huge demand for advertising agencies in Dubai. In addition, Dubai is now a major world-class city at par with the likes of New York, London, and Singapore. This also means that there are enough companies that operate out of Dubai, UAE.
How to Start an Advertising Agency in Dubai
The first step is to decide whether to establish your advertising agency on the mainland or in a free zone. Out of 45 free zones in the United Arab Emirates, some 30 of them are in Dubai itself. The mainland is the area of the United Arab Emirates that is not part of a free zone. While a company located on the mainland is more accessible to its clients – and also the other way around – free zones offer a host of tax advantages, including exemption from the 9% corporate tax that is applicable to companies on the mainland.

There is a perfect fit for every company, depending on its business model. If you plan to have your clients over for brainstorming sessions, the mainland would be a better option. On the other hand, if you intend to meet your clients at their offices, being located in a free zone is not such a bad idea – the office space rental costs tend to be lower in free zones. So before you start an advertising agency in Dubai, it is important to have a business plan in place. We can help you come up with a business plan if you need one.
The next step is to come up with a name for your advertising agency. There are certain rules when it comes to company nomenclature. For example, you cannot have religious terms or the names of countries / cities in the name of your advertising agency. However, nationalities and the names of geographical regions are permitted. A first name may be used only if it is the first name of one of the shareholders in the company. A business setup consultant in Dubai can assist you with more information.
It is strongly recommended that you work with someone who has experience with company registration in Dubai.
A business setup consultant in Dubai can run a search to see if the name you have in mind is available. If yes, he/she can reserve the trade name in advance so that when you apply for company registration, it will be allotted exclusively to you and not anyone else who may apply for the same trade name. He/She can also help you draw up the company formation documents and get them notarized by a Notary Public, so that they become legally valid in the United Arab Emirates.
He/She can also tell you the cost of new business setup in Dubai, as well as the other formalities involved with company formation in Dubai. For an advertising agency, it may be necessary to receive approval from the National Media Council, depending on your proposed business activity (this is mandatory for those who engage in outdoor and print media advertising). A consultant experienced in matters of business setup in Dubai can help you receive your Trade License, so that you can commence operations.