How to Register a Branch of a Foreign Company in Dubai?

You have a few options if you want to launch a business in Dubai and the rest of the UAE. The most typical is to submit an application for a DED license and launch a company on the mainland. You can establish up shop and do business anywhere in the Emirates if you choose this option.

The free zone business is yet another preferred choice. To trade directly with the UAE market in this situation, you would require a local agent, but you would have 100% customs tax exemption, no currency limits, and the ability to repatriate your cash and earnings.

The international branch office is another choice if you already run a business somewhere else and want to establish a presence in Dubai.

The branch office functions as an addition to your current business. Therefore, while branches are free to conduct business as usual in the UAE, they are limited to doing so in accordance with the parent company’s policies.

They are a popular choice among international business owners since they can be 100% foreign-owned, they can take advantage of the UAE’s 0% tax rate, and they give you an opportunity to start a business without launching a completely new one.

The information you need to launch a foreign branch of your current firm in the UAE is provided below if this sounds like a good choice for it.

How can I register a foreign branch in Dubai?

Several stages and regulatory requirements must be followed in order to register a branch of a foreign corporation in Dubai. Here is a general description of what happens:

Select a Local Agent: A foreign business wishing to open a branch in Dubai is required by UAE legislation to employ a local agent. The branch shall be represented by the local agent in all legal proceedings, who can be either an individual or a business with nationality from the UAE.

To obtain initial permission, you must submit the required paperwork to the Department of Economic Development (DED). The incorporation certificate of the parent company, the Memorandum and Articles of Association, and a board decision sanctioning the opening of the branch in Dubai are often required documents.

Reservation of a Trade Name: You must reserve a Trade Name for your Branch. The trade name must go through the DED’s name approval procedure and should be comparable to the name of the parent company.

Legalization and Translation: The UAE embassy in the home nation must legalize the parent company’s documentation. A qualified translator should also translate them into Arabic.

Prepare all necessary documentation, including translated and legalized copies, and submit the application to the DED. Additionally, it is typical to need the local agent’s passport and an assurance letter from the agent stating that they would be accountable for the branch.

Obtain License: After your application has been accepted, you will receive the branch’s commercial license, allowing it to function in Dubai.

Register with the Ministry of Economy: After receiving the license, you must register the branch with the Ministry of Economy in the United Arab Emirates. Companies involved in specific activities must take this action.

Get extra Approvals: You might require extra approvals from different governmental agencies or ministries depending on the type of business and industry.

Create a Bank Account: Once you have received the required approvals, you can create a corporate bank account for your Dubai branch.

Documents Required for Registering a Branch Office in Dubai

The basic documents required to register a branch of a foreign company in Dubai are as follows:

  • Business plan of your company.
  • Passport copy of the owner/shareholder.
  • Visa copy of the owner/shareholder
  • Few name Choices for the company reservation.
  • Lease Agreement – Actual office or Virtual office

When applying for the branch office in Dubai, take into consideration that you will have to provide all the foreign company documents that must be notarized in the home country and also attested by the UAE embassy in the country where the company is operated.


Benefits of Opening a Company Branch Office in Dubai

A branch office in Dubai offers a number of advantages and is a useful tool for businesses of any size to establish themselves there while maintaining full ownership of the business. The procedure of setting up a branch office is rather easy, efficient, and uncomplicated without needing you to relinquish ownership.

  • a good tax system.
  • strategic setting for a firm.
  • 100% control of the company.
  • begin your journey into the MENA area steadily.
  • simple and efficient audits and administrative procedures

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