PRO Service

PRO Service

Public Relations work is an integral and the most essential activity of any company in UAE right from the Business Setup, company formation procedures. Our market research, analysis & client survey indicated that a lot of time is devoted and hassles involved to keep record, follow up of renewals & expiry dates, updating the rules of the Labor, Immigration, Chamber of Commerce & other Government institutions, a lot of man hour, man power, expense towards salary, transportation, accommodation, gratuity, insurance etc of employees are involved along with setting up companies. Ampsy acts as a single window solution to all PR activities of Company, providing reliable and professional assistance.

We assist investors in the following work:-

  • Identifying the Location to establish Company
  • Company Formation
  • Annual License Renewal of Company
  • Activity adding & Withdrawing
  • License Amendment
  • Investors Visa
  • Employment Visa
  • Family Visa
  • Partners or employee’s Visa Cancellation
  • Labor Card (New ,Renewal & Amendment)
  • Emirates ID
  • Chamber of Commerce Certificate
  • Memorandum of Understanding

•  Liaison with Government Departments

Why do new businesses need effective PRO services?

A foreign employee requires a valid work permit and resident visa to continue their work in any company. Moreover, these documents are essential to get your Emirates ID, bank account opening, and more non-business tasks. Therefore, PRO is essential for the smooth functioning of your business in UAE. Further, any negligence may lead to penalties or fine. Here, PRO agencies can help you achieve this visa and work permit within a limited span of time.
Individuals or companies approach business setup consultants to speed up their PRO tasks. As you know, the legal formalities for company formation are quite complex and require a lot of time. Business owners can assign these tasks to well-established external PRO agencies like Ampsy. We sort out your legal requirements and make it fast. We ensure smooth setup and effective management throughout the fundamental legal issues.